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Saint-Martin not only seduced them for the smallest piece of land shared by two nations France and Holland, its three currencies the euro, the guilder and the dollar but also for its French “art de vivre.”

The Grand Case Boulevard has become over the years the « Culinary capital of Caribbean » where more than 67 restaurants have settled in typical Creole houses.

The chefs’ creativity who often worked in the best French restaurants find their inspiration on the island with its melting pot developing their imagination by combining the French cuisine with Caribbean flavors.

Newjetsetters.com choice of restaurants in Grand Case are:
- La Villa for its warm and « friendly » welcome and service
- Le Tastevin located by the water serving an innovative French cuisine with Caribbean vegetables and spices
- Le Cottage proposing a food tasting that permits to get an idea of the restaurant’s menu!
- L’Estaminet with a « female » chef who proposes a delightful desert called « Chocolate in all ways ! »
- Le Bistro Caraibes held by two brothers and famous with the traditionally prepared fresh lobsters that you can choose in the water fountain at the entrance of the restaurant.
- Le Pressoir named after the famous old Salt Presses that once were the mainstay of St. Martin’s economy. It is one of the most romantic and serves excellent wines.

With more than 500 restaurants on both sides of the island, Saint-Martin undeniably delight the most sophisticated taste buds !

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