Get ready for the future of tourism

Get ready for the future of tourism – Join your colleagues in St. Martin for the State of the Industry conference, 14-17 September.


Guess who’s attending:  Airline executives, communications experts, tourism marketers, policy makers, researchers, your colleagues.

Look who’s talking: Ian Burns, CEO, RedJet; Brian Challenger, CEO, Liat; Vijay Bathija, senior Director of Network Planning, Air Canada; Chad Meyerson, Director of Global Sales, JetBlue; Edmond Rose, Director Commercial & Revenue Planning, Virgin Atlantic; Prof. Avinash Persaud, Executive Chairman, Intelligence Capital Limited; Jacinthe Paré, Partner and Account Group Director, Virginia Tourism Corporation; Rafael Cardozo, President, Tambourine Creative; Miranda Joyce, CEO, Sugarfly Marketing; Ryan Manville, Vice President of Corporate Research + Insights, American Express; Esther Buchsbaum, Managing Partner of energi Public Relations; Dan Tisch, President, Argyle Communications

What are they talking about? Get ready for answers and insights into the State of the Industry.

Get Ready For The Future of Caribbean tourism– Join Your Colleagues In St. Martin 14-17 Sept. 2011
Register at www.onecaribbean.org

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