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St. Martin, isle of turquoise seas

st martin marinasSt. Martin, is a true mini-paradise for water lovers.

In addition to its paradise beaches and watersports, St. Martin has developed a reputation as one of the prime sailing spots in the Lesser Antilles.

Ideally located at the heart of the Lesser Antilles, and close to a number of other islands, Saint Martin is now a major Caribbean centre for short and long-term cruising.
From the immaculate beaches of Anguilla to the luxury of Saint Barths, from dive spots off the island of Saba to the unspoiled nature of Tintamarre, everything is within easy reach here.

st martin marinas


There are a number of agents on the island specialized in all types of excursions. These agents offer varied itineraries and week-long trips with activities that change ever so often.

• Rising Sun Tours
0590 87 14 22

Metimer Association

Tel : 0590 51 94 25 - www.metimer.fr
This Marigot-based group is the association for professionals working in water-related trades on St. Martin.
The association’s annual guide for watersports and boating enthusiasts, "Turquoise", is a gold mine of information and is available free of charge at the Saint Martin Tourist Office.
Every May, the association holds a popular watersports festival in Marigot.

st martin marinas


St. Martin enjoys a solid reputation among sailing professionals.
Each year in March, the globe’s best sailors gather on St. Martin for the world-renowned Heineken Regatta and again in November for the Alliance Race.
Yachts in all categories also head to the island in May for Captain Olivers' Regatta.
And all year round, sail boat and motor boat enthusiasts alike can board racing boats from Bobby’s Marina.

Renting a boat on St. Martin

st martin marinasA motor boat or sail boat, with or without a skipper, remains the traditional way of discovering the island and the surrounding areas, day trips to neighbouring islands and sailing the turquoise waters in a warm and welcoming atmosphere are also quite interesting.

Whether you are an experienced sailor or you are looking to get away for a couple of days on a boat with a skipper; whether you like surfing the waves in a speed boat or you prefer to harness the power of the wind on a sailboat, there’s something for every boating enthusiast on St. Martin.

• Anchorage Multicoques
• Any Way Marine
• Bubble Watersports
• Caribbean Marines
• Catamaran Simoust
• Chamicha
• Dexter Boat Charter
• Harel Yacht Broker
• Keloa
• Kontiki Watersport
• Jet Sport Evasion
• MBata
• MP Yachting
Marina Fort Louis
Marina Port la Royale
Nettle Bay
Marina Mercure Hotel

Marina Port La Royale
Sandy Ground
Captain Oliver's Marina
Anse Marcel
Baie Orientale
Beach Plaza
Anse Marcel
Marina Port La Royale
0590 51 90 37
0590 87 91 41
0690 49 07 13
0690 48 49 33
0690 76 01 00
0690 32 80 18
0690 49 07 13
0590 29 43 85
0690 88 20 54
0590 87 46 89
0690 10 98 90
0690 11 95 66
0690 53 37 98
• Rêve Marine
• Scoobitoo
• Standing Evasion
• Sun Day Charter
• Sun Evasion
• Sunsail
• SXM Marine
• The Moorings
• Tropical Boat
• VPM Best Sail
• Winner Touch
• Yacht Sales & Services
Marina Port la Royale
Anse Marcel
Marina Fort Louis
Captain Oliver's
Captain Oliver's Marina
Marina Port La Royale
Captain Oliver's
Marina Royale
Anse Marcel
Marina Fort Louis
Marina Port la Royale
0590 87 91 74
0590 52 02 53
0696 21 91 31
0690 25 70 28
0690 35 03 18
0590 29 50 50
0590 52 00 06
0590 87 32 55
0690 63 06 41
0590 29 41 35
0690 55 08 70
0690 22 45 17

Marinas on St. Martin

The quintessential tourist island, St. Martin has over the years earned a reputation as a leading destination in the yachting and cruising world.

St. Martin/St. Maarten is one of the Caribbean’s most scenic pleasure boating and cruising locations and the island can accommodate some 2000 boats in its 10 marinas. Some of the world’s finest luxury yachts are moored here.

The island’s marinas, some smaller, some larger, but all luxurious and modern, offer all the facilities and amenities a pleasure boater or cruiser could need.

A number of regattas are organized for sailing enthusiasts, the most famous being the Heineken Regatta, which takes place for 5 days in March and attracts several hundred sailors, including some of the world’s finest. The atmosphere is competitive yet festive.

entry requirements for french waters

The Border Police (Police aux Frontières) carry out immigration checks on boats entering French waters (12 miles off the coast of Saint Martin). French immigration laws apply.
Skippers of boats flying French or foreign flags must present themselves to the port authority before letting off passengers.
The official hurricane season runs from July to November. Weather bulletins are issued at regular intervals and, in the event that a hurricane is forecast, a warning will be issued 72 hours in advance to allow boats to reach ports with hurricane shelters.

marina fort louis

Marigot waterfront
Tél. 0590 51 11 11- Fax : 0590 51 11 12
VHF channel 16
Website: www.caribbean-marinas.com/fortlouis/
Located at 18°03 N and 63°05 W, and with easy 24hr access, Marina Fort Louis is situated on Marigot waterfront, amid the hustle and bustle of the town’s shops and restaurants. This port of call is an absolute must on any Caribbean adventure.
- 150 berths
- Draft : 3.5 meters.

Facilities and amenities:

st martin marinas

- High-security marina with single access point through the harbour office
- Email, telephone and fax bookings
- Radio welcome by our staff 15 minutes before you enter the passes
- Wifi internet access and email:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
- Telephone booths
- Water, electricity (110V, 220V and 380V) fuel dock
- Toilets and showers
- Telephone, Internet, mobile phone hire, laundry, 24hr security
- Vacuum points (waste water)
- Postal service
- Emergency technical assistance (water pollution, fire, etc.)
- Car hire
- Supermarkets nearby

NB: In partnership with the yacht clubs of St. Martin, St. Maarten, St. Barths and Anguilla, Marina Fort Louis organises the Alliance Race (Course de l’Alliance) each year, a sports event between St. Martin, St. Barths and Anguilla.
Find out more at www.coursedelalliance.com

port la royale marina

st martin marinasMarigot.
Tél. : 0590 87 20 43 - Fax : 0590 87 55 95
VHF channel 16/12
Website: www.caribbean-marinas.com/portlaroyale/
Located at 18°03'9 N and 69°05'02 W in Simpson Bay Lagoon, Port-La-Royale Marina is lined with a vast range of shops and restaurants. The marina’s quayside berths lie next to the port authority office, in a very sheltered harbour.
The Marina is accessed via Sandy Ground Bridge or Simpson Bay Bridge.


Bridge opening times:

• Sandy Ground Bridge (French side):
Monday to Saturday : 8:15am - 2:30pm - 5:30pm
Sunday : 8:15am - 5:30pm. The bridge is open for approximately 10-15 minutes
Information 0590 29 04 75 / VHF Channel 16.
• Simpson Bay Bridge (Dutch side): :
High tourist season :
9am - 9:30am - 11am - 11:30am - 4:30pm - 5:30pm.
VHF channel 12. - 40 quayside and 40 catway berths accommodating vessels up to 20m
- Draft 1.8m to 2m
- Water and electricity (110-220-380V /16A to 160A; 110V/100A)
- Fuel station on the marina access road

Facilities and amenities:

- Email, telephone and fax bookings (email bookings to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
- Welcome by our staff (contact VHF channel 16/12 15 minutes before entering the passes)
- Wifi internet access and email
- Telephone booths and fax available at the harbourmaster’s office
- Postal service
- Toilets and showers
- Emergency technical assistance (oil leaks, water leaks, fire)
- Car hire
- Supermarkets nearby

anse marcel marina

st martin marinasAnse Marcel - BP 521 - 97056 St. Martin CEDEX
Tel: 05 90 87 31 94 - Fax: 05 90 87 33 96
VHF Channel 16-11
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Located at 63°3' W and 18°7' N in the north of the island and looking out towards Anguilla, sits the pleasure port of Anse Marcel. The Marina was created in 1986 when Grand Étang was opened to the sea. The geographical situation of the Anse Marcel Marina makes it the ideal starting point for an easy cruise to Saint Barths, Anguilla, Pinel Island, Tintamarre, Prickly Pear or Dog Island.
- 150 quayside and landing stage berths for boats under 120 feet
- Draught: approx. 10 feet depending on the tide; beam 27 feet


Facilities and amenities:

- Engineer, electrician, ship chandler, sail servicing, security, fuel
- Jetties and quays have water and electricity hookups. Electricity supply: 110, 220, 380 Volts / 60 Amps. Higher current also available (120A sockets).
- Telephone
- Weather
- Fax and photocopy services
- Internet access
- Washing machine
- Shops
- Restaurant
- Accommodation
- Premium Marine Gas : open every day from 8am to 6pm - 0690 77 00 87
Nearby, in Anse Marcel itself there are shops and boutiques, laundrettes, car rentals, taxis, a dive centre, watersports, hotels, restaurants, a sports centre, spa, tennis courts, squash courts, swimming pools, and much more.

captain oliver's marina

st martin marinasCaptain Oliver's Resort - Oyster Pond - 97150 St. Martin
Tel.: 590 87 33 47 / 590 52 05 05 - Fax : 590 87 33 47
VHF : channel 16 and/or 67 8am to 5pm
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Situated at 018°03.22N and 063°00.85W, Captain Oliver’s Marina sits right at the heart of Captain Oliver’s private resort at Oyster Pond in the east of the island, and is unique for having Dutch waters and French land.
- 150 slips on the dock
- Depth 2.2 to 2.5 meters maximum


Facilities and amenities:

- Water, electricity (110V and 200V) and fuel dock
- Toilets and showers
- Access pontoon, ice, laundry, car hire
- Ship Shop is a small supermarket with a marine outfitter section
- Hotels, bars and restaurants in Captain Oliver’s Resort and others nearby
- Sailboat renting with or without skipper
- Sale and renting of diving and watersports equipment (Scuba Shop)
- Car rentals
- Bureau de change
- Deep-sea fishing
Don’t miss Captain Oliver’s Regatta, an annual sailing event held in May of each year.

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