Adriana Sylvestre

Focus on a personality : Adriana Sylvestre

adriana sylvestreAdriana Sylvestre, Junior Minister of Tourism 2013/2014

Adriana Luciana Sylvestre was born in St Martin on March 17th 1996 to two proud parents Yolande Sylvestre and Richards Clemente.

Her hobbies are dancing, music, and fashion.

She is so passionate about dance and choreography that she formed her own dance group at the age of 8.

She says that she ran for Junior Minister of Tourism because she feels she can contribute to her island and wishes the decision makers would see things from a youth point of view.

During her term she intends to be the voice of her peers and of St Martin in general.

“I think the most difficult task will be putting together an organization to oversee the well being of young people who are seeking opportunities. I intend to dedicate my energy to this because I think it is needed. Being Junior Minister of Tourism is not an easy task and I intend to leave a roadmap for others to follow. Young people should be helped and encouraged to become well-rounded persons. Let’s not just listen to the cry but also listen to what they are crying about. Together we can find solutions.”

Adriana’s plans are to become an entrepreneur in the Beauty and Care field. She is presently studying Social Economics and would like to establish a center for Youth empowering, giving special assistance to young girls.

Elected Junior Minister of Tourism on Friday September 20th, Adriana will go on to represent St Martin at the CTO State of the Industry for the Youth Congress in Martinique from October 15th to 18th.

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