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Jonathan Julien

Focus on a personality : Jonathan Julien

flyboard gmInterview of Jonathan Julien, flyboarder

Introduce yourself...

JULIEN Jonathan, born in Saint Martin February 22, 1986.

What is the Flyboard ?

The Flyboard is a kit that is adapted to the turbine of a jet ski. The water pressure is channeled into the Flyboard pipe, allowing us to propel ourselves into the air and under water.Le flyboard est un kit qui est adapté sur la turbine d'un jet ski. La pression d'eau de celui-ci  est canalisée à l'intérieur du tuyau du Flyboard, nous permettant de nous propulser dans les airs et sous l’eau.

When and how did you start to practice this extreme sport ?

About a year ago my best friend and I discovered this unidentified object connected to a jet ski by accident on the internet. We are both jet ski lovers and were intrigued by this new product. We did our research to find out where to try it!
3 days later, we were in Guadeloupe with the Flyboard distributor  of the Caribbean.
We were seduced and embarked on the adventure of this new extreme sport.

Knowing how to swim is essential ?

Of course for safety reasons, knowing how to swim is essential as with any water-related sport.

What do you like most in Flyboard ?

The feeling of freedom it gives you, to be able to move through the air as well as under water like a dolphin, a bird or even a Hero (Iron Man, SuperMan .. etc).

Are there different types of Flyboard? Or different ways to do ?

Two versions of the Flyboard are already available.
The first requires having two persons: one manages the VNM gas and the second uses the Flyboard. Not being able to control the gas allows faster learning and does not prevent the  Flyboarder from moving up and down as he wishes, this depends on inclination of the legs on the board.
The second version can be used alone, therefore the same person controls the VNM (start  stop and accelerations) this system allows greater flight and figure precision for people feeling more comfortable..

What are the best places in St Martin to the Flyboard ?

Simpson Bay ! The water is ideal, calm, 5 meters deep and turquoise blue.

What would you say to convince someone to come to St Martin ?

For its rich diversity of cultures, languages, landscapes and activities.
Everyone feels at home in St. Martin. We do not call it « the Friendly Island » for nothing. In addition, you can even "FLY" in Saint Martin now ... :-)

Your favorite local dish ?

Mahi Mahi in all sauces the island has to offer.

Do you have any future demonstrations ? Competitions ?

The next Flyboard demonstrations are planned in Guadeloupe, Guyana and Atlanta.
For competitions, we are training to qualify for the  World Championship in Qatar in November 2013.

What are the conditions to practice flyboard? (Size, age, etc. ..) ?

To practice Flyboard you must be at least 16 years old, able to swim and start with a monitor. It's very intuitive, everyone can fly.

How to contact you ?

Directly on our website : http://www.flyboardstmaarten.com/
or by phone : 0690 76 22 31 ou 0690 88 26 93

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saint martinsaint martinsaint martinsaint martin

Photos : RM Photography and Jonathan JULIEN.