Billfish Tournament

Focus on an event : Billfish Tournament

billfish tournament saint martinThe Saint Martin Billfish Tournament was founded in 1997.
The founders wanted a tournament that would attract teams from all around the region but that would also include the local fishermen.

The first tournament was not considered a success but 16 years later it is one of the most attended and most popular tournaments in the Caribbean.

This year is the 16th edition! Tell us more about this tournament

The St-Martin Billfish Tournament was created after the SARL Marlin Open decided to stop organising their tournament. Deep sea fishing lovers took the decision to create an association, The Marlin Bleu, under which they would organise the tournament and give it a more international dimension !

The main goal was to organize a tournament allowing easy participation, letting the local population witness the weighing of the fish and giving the fishermen the opportunity to party with the locals.

Today we are happy to keep the tradition and add something new every year.

Laurent Petit, last year you and your team won this tournament. How does it feel knowing that you are now the director of the Billfish Tournament ?

Yes we won the 15th edition of the St Martin Billfish Tournament. It was tight but in the very last hours we caught and released the fish that took us to victory !

Regarding my nomination as Director of the St Martin Billfish Tournament, I must thank Mr Casaubon, the President of the St Martin Sport Fishing Association, whose will was to give the younger generation the opportunity to organize this event ! I was so excited as it was such a great challenge that I accepted !

As the new Director of the tournament what changes have you made?

This year we have increased the minimum weight to 400 lbs, we have opened a new category for tuna, wahoo and a prize for the most catches, of course the fish are released.
Our sponsor CONTENDER BOATS is offering a $80 000 value boat to the team who will catch a swordfish of 817 lbs or more.
We also launched a new website

What is planned for this year’s tournament ? Who can take part ?

The St-Martin Billfish Tournament is first and foremost a gathering of people who want to share, exchange, and experience the local deep sea fishing traditions of St-Martin !

During these four days, we invite the local population and visitors to come from 4 :30pm and witness when the boats return and the weighing of the fish.
We have created a village with Entertainment where local food will be available, and on the last night we hope to see many faces when we announce the winners.
Don’t forget the closing concert !

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