The Lolo

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lolos grand caseThe lolo’s history began with the colonization in the 17th century.

It finds its origin in stores/ shops installed in the heart of the plantations where the slaves’ food rations were stored rations slaves or sold.
Over the years, homes of slaves near the plantations became neighborhoods then became towns.
The stores remained where they were and became small shops where food was sold.
The name/ word “lolo” seems to come from the French “lot” to indicate the portion, the quantity of good displayed for sale.

The lolos had a bar serving refreshments. This bar was very popular because of the late opening hours, the credit system that the tenant offered to his regular customers but also for its social role since it was the only meeting place outside of work.
The lolo is a place of social cohesion that is at the center of the neighborhood’s life now deeply rooted in the Caribbean.
It is therefore naturally that the bar section grew and has become today a typical local restaurant.

lolos grand case 1Today in St. Martin and many other Caribbean islands, the lolo is a small traditional restaurant where you can taste the flavors of the local cuisine.
It is also a place where people meet and where tourists who discover the island like to come.

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