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Pic Paradis

Focus on a place : Pic Paradis...

pic paradisAt 424 metres, Pic Paradis is the highest point on the island.

The summit offers sweeping panoramic views over the entire island and neighbouring islands, too.

Pic Paradis is also the starting point for many walks, and can be accessed on foot or by car.
On foot, nature-lovers will love the lush tropical vegetation here.


Here are a list of walks :

pic paradis 1- Northeast Ridges
Distance: 4.5 km - Altitude difference: 410 m - Start: Pic Paradis - Finish: Orient Bay
Before crossing RN7, the path winds through the abandoned hamlet of Petit-Fond, where ruins and gravestones can still be seen.

- Central Ridges
Distance: 6,5 km - Altitude difference: 155 m - Start: Pic Paradis - Finish: Col de Concordia and Mont Saint Peters antenna
The path roughly follows the line of the ridges. This hike is often unsuitable in rainy weather. Before you reach the Col de Concordia, a long stone wall represents the border between the two parts of the island.

- Careta Ravine
Distance: 3.5 km - Altitude difference: 410 m - Start: Pic Paradis - Finish: Hope Lake.

- Hope Ravine
Distance: 2.5 km - Altitude difference: 315 m - Start: Pic Paradis - Finish: Hope reservoir
This trail follows the ravine for the most part and passes through the Hope Estate archaeological site.

- Eden Well
Distance: 3.5 km - Altitude difference: 215 m - Start: Pic Paradis - Finish: Pic Paradis.
The trail follows a ravine on the northern slopes of Pic Paradis, passing the remains of the Paradis sugar mill and a well with two great cast iron kettles before climbing back towards the peaks.

pic paradis 2
At the foot of the Pic Paradis, you will discover the Loterie Farm, a former sugar plantation that was constructed in 1773 and ceased activity in 1855.
Today, the smells, noises and coolness of Loterie Farm provides a striking contrast with the rest of the island.
The Farm is a real tropical gem, where plant and animal species are identified and carefully protected. .

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