St. Martin's fauna and flora

eco tourism saint martinSaint-Martin, the Caribbean island famous for it exceptional fauna and flora, just got few of its sites rewarded by a new label.

With its range of varied landscapes, rare species and preserved environment, Saint-Martin is a wonderful playground for all nature lovers!

To protect this precious heritage, the island multiplies for the past fifteen years advocacy and preservation projects.

This ecological implication has enabled the Saint-Martin Nature Reserve and the ponds last October to become part of the list of Specially Protected Areas (Aires).

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A paradise that needs to be protected.

Recently was held in the Dominican Republic the Cartagena International Convention, 4 sites in the Caribbean have been added to the list of Specially Protected Areas, including the Saint-Martin Nature Reserve, the salt ponds and the sanctuary of marine mammals AGOA, which protects the marine environment of Saint-Martin and the neighboring islands.
A prestigious label that rewards the efforts of local actors in favor of the preservation of the environment and allows the island to join the club of the best protected areas in the Caribbean!

In the Saint-Martin Nature Reserve located on the northeast side of the island, nature and trek lovers take advantage of the hiking trails and underwater paths.
Inaugurated in 1998, the remarkable and beautiful site of the Nature Reserve aims to preserve the biodiversity it shelters and works to raise awareness around its protection.
Visitors can wander its 3060ha of natural treasures to discover the rare plants and animal species which include terrestrial and marine zone.
Through stunning landscapes - rocky shores, beaches, mangroves and ponds – visitors can observe seabirds, iguanas, mongoose, turtles and even humpback whales in their natural environment.

Saint-Martin is the ideal destination for an unforgettable holiday in the outdoors!

The island with a mild climate throughout the year offers a multitude of exceptional sites highlighting its natural beauty.

A part from the Nature Reserve and its ponds, it is also possible to see the most beautiful species of beetles in the Butterfly Farm, spend some time under the canopy of the Loterie Farm while zip lining, kayak in the mangrove, go on the boat trip on a catamaran to Tintamarre or bike through the wildest areas of the island.


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