Cindy Choisy

Focus on a personality : Cindy Choisy "Cinlad"

cindy choisyCindy CHOISY is a child of St. Martin. She has always shown a taste and aptitude for the Arts.

Yet it is to study Biology that she leaves her island for Paris. She returns quickly to the artistic world and enters the Institute of Applied Arts where she graduates as textile designer.

After her graduation, she helps out as a dresser during Vivian Westwood and Frank Sorbier fashion shows. She navigates in this world while shaping her own artistic identity. She participates to the organization of the fashion show in honor of "LY Dumas and friends" last respects at the Museum of Arts of Africa and Oceania.

She works many years for a young Japanese designer based in Paris, Koji Nihommatsu (EPOCA) for which she draws all the accessories collections for the Japanese market. cindy choisy

As a textile designer, she loves working with colors, textures and materials. Oscillating between fashion and interior design, she expresses her art on fabrics, dishes and others. Cindy developed her own style influenced by the urban culture of cities such as Paris and New York, but at the same time strengthens his own Caribbean identity.

Cindy is a young woman deeply rooted in his homeland and passionate about the Caribbean, its stories, its truths, its legends. It is through this understanding of the Caribbean identity that becomes a full-fledged artist

Between reality and imagination, her works is full of symbols, signs and words inherited from all backgrounds and different cultures which made the Caribbean.

"I was born at a crossroad and the bloods of all continents are running 'through my veins ..... With my soul and my hands, I share fragments of the human odyssey as seen through the eyes of a Caribbean woman"