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i love my ram 2012"I Love My Ram" celebrates its 12th birthday in July 2012.

St. Martin is a unique and fun destination to discover during the summertime and throughout the year. From the cuisine to the heavenly beaches, St. Martin invites its visitors all year round to share and experience their culture during different events.

Each year the first Sunday of July, the competition "I Love My Ram" (I Love My Goat) takes place in Colombier, a charming village in the center of the island. This unusual competition is an opportunity for the biggest goats fans around the island to expose their champions.
The "candidates" are pampered all year to meet the different competition categories and requirements.
During this day of celebration, the whole village reflects the traditional folklore of St. Martin, and points out that farming is still an part of the daily life of the islanders.


i love my ram 2012 1The parade begins !

The beauty of the goat is just one criterion among others. The “candidates” get the votes of the jury and the public and are rated on their manes, their horns, their dress and style. A price is given to the friendliest goat it’s a on the "Friendly Island" that even goats have to be nice!

During the final parade the declared winner scrolls alongside his owner. The atmosphere is at its height: car horns are heard, fans applaud and shout with joy joining the celebration. The victory is celebrated around the island but ends in the winner’s neighborhood.


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