Creole Rock

Focus on the Creole Rock

rocher_creoleCreole Rock is located within the limits of the Marine Park and is environmentally protected.

However, it is possible for boats to enter this area as long as they use the moorings that have been made available.
Attached using long sand screws, these moorings are reserved uniquely for boats from dive clubs, pleasure boats, dinghies and other small sailboats.

Creole Rock is one of the best dive spots on the French side of Saint Martin, both for beginners and experienced divers.
The water is not very deep here, making it the perfect place to learn to dive, with and without air tanks.

The profile of this large rocky outcropping is said to resemble the head of an Amerindian, and numerous pelicans have been bold enough to use it as a dormitory.
It is forbidden to use any motors within a zone of 30 meters from the beach, as well as scaling the rock itself, where pelicans and brown boobies make their nests.

Five types of buoys at Creole Rock :
1) Five yellow buoys, located at a distance of 250 meters around Creole Rock, indicate the limits of the Marine Park zone.
2) One red buoy and one green buoy mark the entry channel.
3) Four white buoys marked “20m to 60ft maxi” are reserved for pleasure boats no longer than 20 meters (60ft) maximum
4) Six white buoys marked “diving only” are reserved exclusively for dive club boats.
5) Three white buoys marked “dinghy only” are reserved exclusively for dinghies and other small boats.

© Nicolas Maslach – Réserve naturelle nationale de Saint-Martin

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