St-Martin's Museum

Focus on St. Martin's Museum

museeA visit to the Museum « On the Trails of the Arawaks » will plunge you in the heart of the history of Saint-Martin.

Go there to discover the first human populations arrived on our island in 3200 BC, nomadic people from South America, cutting tools in stone and shell.

Explore the beautiful ceramics discovered at Hope Estate.
You will find objects dating from 500 BC to 600 after JC: shaped figurines, polished stone tools, shell ornaments, burials, that will plunge you in the life of these neo-Indians cultures, which originates from the Orinoco basin and migrated to our islands on canoes transporting up to 60 people.


The Museum « On the Trails of the Arawaks » also presents the history of the colonization of Saint-Martin by the Spaniards then the French, The Dutch and the English, the history of the treaty of the island’s division, the slave period, the sugar plantations ear and the salt exploitation.

5000 years of history told on a 200m² exhibition and ending on a collection of old views of Saint-Martin in the early 20th century.

The museum is located in the former prison in Marigot Rue Fichot and is open from Monday to Friday 9pm to 5pm.

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