Whales and dolphins

Focus on the wildlife : Whales and dolphins..

dauphins-rnn The plateau formed by the islands of Saint Martin, Anguilla and Saint Barthélemy is a zone for the reproduction oh humpback whales, which adore the warm waters to seduce their partner and couple.

You might have occasion to see their spectacular leaps, while respecting a few simple rules for your safety and theirs.
It is suggested that boat users adopt proper comportment vis-à-vis whale watching, so as not to disturb, annoy, or harm these mammals.

baleines-rnnFrom January through May, underwater divers get the opportunity to hear sweet and harmonious melodies. The singers are the male whales, and they can vocalize underwater up to half an hour, before coming to the surface for air.

At the same time, dolphins swim along close to the stern of boats. It is not rare to see them in the water of Rocher créole, Tintamare and Scrub island.

Today, all of these marine mammals are completely protected, but their future rests in our hands.
Remember to be as discreet as possible when appreciating their beautiful movements.

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Credits : Réserve naturelle nationale de Saint-Martin
A humpback whale and its calf © Nicolas Maslach
A couple of dolphins © Nicolas Maslach