Santa Claus' House

Santa Claus' loves St Martin

st martin islandIf it is a well known fact that Santa Claus’ workshop is situated in Lapland, you might not know that he likes relaxing in the Caribbean as well.

Thus he abandons the snow, his reindeers and little helpers and heads out to the "Friendly Island", where he is welcomed every year in Monique’s magical house.

st martin island

As of the end of November, just like in Dickens’ stories, this traditional house situated in Cripple Gate transforms into an authentic palace and offers all, the young and the old, a magical, unforgettable , and spectacular display of Christmas lights and colors.

From the gardens to the house, nowhere is forgotten and each corner brings delight to the visitors coming from near and far ; all welcomed by the legendary kindness and warmth of the hosts. Once the door is opened, the magic continues for the biggest pleasure of this family whose satisfaction is nothing more than seeing enchanted faces, which is in their words « the biggest reward ».

So please do go by Monique’s house, our " Miss Claus ", who by her generosity and kindness will help you have the best Christmas ever !

The Christmas house is opened every day until January 15th from 6pm till 11pm